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Hello everyone,

Some of you might know about my insane venture to Portland, Oregon two years ago. Well that did not go well....with problems with our apartment, to not getting a job that I thought I was getting, too finally having to move out to Oklahoma as a last resort, but thinking it might be a fresh new beginning for myself, and my art form. After two years in Oklahoma I realized there is a very small market for artist, and not much work for me in any capacity. With that being said I'll are moving back to Tucson, Arizona where I'll be teaching with all hope once I get back for my interview. 

I am open to commission work.

At this time I am only taking digital work due to all my supplies are packed and ready for the move.

Message me for an details - I will make sure I give you a reasonable price.  
You can reach me here or at [link]

Thank you,


This is the last day for our golden age raven campaign. It's wraps up in a few short hours. Thanks you everyone that have shared our post for the last two months.  Thomas Keith and I appreciate all those that have supported us, and have donated to our project. Those that haven't had the chance please follow the link. Big thanks goes to Sasa Bralic (who is not on Facebook, but is on Twitter, and Instagram) for the added mini poster. Those posters will only go out to those that help us fund our books. I had the honor of coloring his work, and it was a blast. You might see that we have not made our goal....(there is still time....I'm talking about all you amazing people) Anything will help. $5.... $10..... $20. Now that I've taken enough of your time for the last few months. Let's get these books into our local shops. (AZ and OK) Thank you, and have a wonderful day.

Fund us....cause its already ready to print. We just need your help to curve a bit of the costs.

- Eric Schock

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embedded_item1464182715766 by EricSchock
As you all know from my last post we are now in Oklahoma. I've been looking for work, but still waiting for call backs. In the meantime I am currently looking for Commission work to tide us over until I get a call back. If you are interested....please message me. I'm not one to ask for help but this time around it would truly be something special. Thank you, all in advanced.

Eric Schock
With all the crazy thing that's been going on of late with my moving to Portland. I've found a few minutes to tell you a little about why I haven't posted in a while.  Well, for starters I'm leaving Arizona, but I'm also leaving a lot of great people. (Its hard to say goodbye, but I believe its for the best)  My move was more about getting ERP up and running with my fellow creator Taylor Garrity. He, and I have been working out the best time for the move, and I'm extremely excited to get out there. As for Arizona, I've left the company with my former apprentice and all around great guy Tino. Hopefully, you will get to meet him, or you already know of his amazing talent. He has proven himself time and time again to create a presence at events and I can't wait to see what he brings to the company. I'm working on a few comic projects that I'm excited for, and getting ready to plunge back into the design field. I'm hoping to send my portfolio out to a few companies this year, and land some work with bigger companies. As an artist its always an adventure to see what comes next in my life with projects and I hope it all goes well. Til, next time.....see ya around.  
embedded_item1435921140065 by EricSchock

Phx Comic Con 2013

Journal Entry: Thu Apr 25, 2013, 2:14 PM
Hey Everyone,

Phx Comic Con is right around the corner, and I will be there with a few of the artist, and writers for Evil Robo.

The big news is that Evil Robo Presents The Golden Age: The Owl will be dropping at the event. This book is our take on the Golden Age Public Domain Characters. Some of the stories will be set in the now, while other will be set in the past. This is a bit of a love note to the golden age for me. If these comics where never created some of the greatest artist would never have come to the surface.

I had the pleasure of working with Adrian Cronin, and Joe Ngo on this special, and it was a blast.

The book is going to run $3.00 and it's in full color.
Thanks you everyone for the support.

If you'd like a digital copy of the book, I'll send it out to you for a small fee.

Til next time.

ASH-TRAY COMICS #10 is out tomorrow!!!

Journal Entry: Tue Jan 29, 2013, 11:18 AM
Ash-Tray Comics #10 will be in available to purchase this Wed., Jan. 30, 2013 at all your local comic shops in Tucson. So, Grab your copy while supplies last at Fantasy Comics, Charlie's Comic Books, R-Galaxy, and Heroes and Villains Comic Book store.

But, that's not all Artwork of Matthew "Zip" Howard, and The Art of Eric Schock will be at Fantasy Comics comic store in Tucson Arizona for a signing on FEB. 9th from 12pm-3pm. Zip, and Eric will be signing copies of ASH-TRAY COMICS #10, and drawing sketches for all the customers that pick up a copy of Evil Robo Productions first full color book.

Four great stories by Eric Schock, Taylor Garrity, Matthew "Zip" Howard, and Mariah Wall.

With a stellar cover by Sasa Bralic.

It's $5.00, and it's in full color.

Come support your robo's, and get your copy!!!!

You can also purchase your copy online…

If you are still looking for Issues #1-#9 of Ash-Tray Comics, we still have our collection available online…

Books, and stuff.

Journal Entry: Sat Jul 7, 2012, 7:17 AM
Well, It's been awhile, and I've got some great news for starters:

check out some facebook coolness!!!!

Evil Robo Productions…

Ash-Tray Comics

Evil Robo Presents…

The Bald Avenger…

also have my own fansite…

As for some other cool news I just got Evil Robo Presents#2 to the printer, so it will be in your hands in August:)

Talk later, I think the world is on fire.


PHX CC 2012

Journal Entry: Sun May 13, 2012, 3:32 PM
Hey Everybody, Can't wait to see you all this year at Pheonix Comic Con.
I will be at tables 758 and 760, with the other guys from Evil Robo Productions,LLC.

I'd like to thank everyone that voted for my artwork for the Badges - We won the press badge. It is a very big honor to win, and I can't thank you (those who voted) enough.

This year we will be getting some things out:)

We will be doing $5.00 sketches for anyone that would like them.

I'll have a few prints available at the table for $10.00

Taylor Garrity will also have a few prints available.

We will also have:
Evil Robo Productions Preview book ( showing you all the world of ERP, and the creators behind those titles)
ASH-TRAY COMICS COLLECTION #1 (compiling issues #1-#9)
EVIL ROBO PRESENTS#1 ( its final printing)

Eric M. Esquivel will be selling prints of the Blackest Terror at his table, and I will also have them over at ours.

I'll be on a few panels this year so here they are:

FRIDAY - 10:30am - 11:30am

SATURDAY - 3:00pm - 4:00pm

SUNDAY - 12:00pm - 1:00pm

Thank you all for all your support.

It's going to be a great year:)

Eric Schock

Avengers Assemble!!!!

Journal Entry: Sun Apr 29, 2012, 12:31 PM
Come celebrate the long awaited release of Marvel's "The Avengers" movie! Evil Robo will be at the theater giving out FREE sketches of all your favorite Marvel characters (We may even do some DC characters too if you ask nicely). So come down for the midnight release or during the following Friday/Saturday and meet the creators from Evil Robo Productions and snag some FREE sketches!

Evil Robo will be at the theater from:
5/3/12: 9:30pm - 12:00am
5/4/12: 4:00pm - 7:00pm
5/5/12: 4:00pm - 7:00pm

Century Park Place 20
5870 E. Broadway Blvd., Tucson, AZ 85711

Hope to see ya all there:)

I'll be there on Thursday, and Friday for the event.

PHX CC 2012 - Badges!!! (Vote for some artwork)

Journal Entry: Tue Mar 6, 2012, 2:40 AM
Hey Everyone,

I wanted to hit up not only my Facebook, and Twitter, but also my DA Family. I submitted some artwork (if voted for will go on the badges) So, Cast your vote my friends:)

Eric M. Esquivel, and I would like to thank everyone that have voted already for "In Blackest Terror."  
Thank you, very very much,.

Those who have not, please cast your votes. Love you, all!!!

"In blackest Terror"…
"Plastic Man Badged"…
"Miracles Happen...."…

Evolution of ERP!!!!!

Journal Entry: Wed Jan 18, 2012, 6:17 PM
Evil Robo Productions will be having a preview book for this years PHX CC. It's going to include a few pages for ASH-TRAY COMICS #10 which will have 3 pages for (THE BALD AVENGER, POTENTIAL OF NINE, DWIGHT DANGER: ZOMBIE HUNTER), this presentation will also include works from our newest title EVIL ROBO PRESENTS with 3 pages from each creator for their issue #2. Those stories will be BANG, TRAPPED IN DECAY, and "NEW" to the feature called ANONIMOUS.

Also, featured in this book we will have a special new title sneak preview from two "NEW" creators that have joined ERP.

This preview book is the next step in the evolution of EVIL ROBO PRODUCTIONS.

Hope to see you all at PHX CC.

Eric Schock
Evilrobo 1

Happy New Year! Welcome 2012! It's the new cool:)

Journal Entry: Mon Jan 2, 2012, 1:43 AM

Hey Folks,

Happy New Year...sorry a day late and all but I had a stellar one:)

Anyways, This year is truly going to kick some ass. Evil Robo is going to get much bigger in the following months so keep your eyes ready.
Just finished my Thumbnails for Ash-Tray Comics #10, and with only two issues to go, it's going to be a roller coaster ride for this arc.
I'm finishing a few side projects right now, and will be editing all my pages for Evil Robo's super project that will be announced very soon:)
Then, of course there's we go again.

It's time to rock!

Check it!


Devious Journal Entry

Journal Entry: Fri Nov 11, 2011, 5:10 AM

Hey Folks,

Sorry I've been away from DA for so long.

Tucson Comic Con 4 happened this last weekend, and I was so happy to see Taylor, and his awesome wife Brittney:)
We rocked the event, and it is always fun to get the chance to see all our fans.
But we came to a decision, and we will start charging for sketches from here on out. $5-$10 for each event.(Sorry.)

School has been killing me, cause I'm trying to over think what I'm doing. So, I think I'll skip that for now.

Other then that, just jumping through hurdles, and doing my best to keep myself on point, I really glad that I have good people around me, and my Sister, and Family are always there in my times of craziness.

I'll have some new art soon, cause I need to get back to diving into my pages.

Thanks, Everybody for being so great.


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Evil Robo Productions on Graphicly!!!!!

Journal Entry: Thu Sep 8, 2011, 5:27 PM

Hey Everyone, I just got the word today that all the issues of ASH-TRAY COMICS #0-9, and my Graphic Novel - THE BALD AVENGER: HARDTIMES are available to download through

We are all excited for this development, mostly cause we will now have a wider audience for our worlds/creations.

This company has also allowed it creators an each feature, and we will be taking advantage of this add-on. In future issue of our books "you" our readers will have behind the scenes commentary,Scripts, and artwork for said issues by all that work on the books.

So, If you've been following my adventure, and artwork, you finally have a way to get all of the books that I've been working on...with my other creators (Sasa, Zip, Taylor, Javier, Karl, Don, Kraiger, Toby,  Henry,Adam, and everybody else)

So go out there... on the web... and get some comics:)

Every Issue bought only insures we can make more for you fine, folks.

We all do this for the love, and everything that is made goes into printing cost.

I'd like to thank everyone that has supported Evil Robo, and our book ASH-TRAY COMICS. There is a big future on the horizon for Evil Robo, and I'm hoping you will all join us in that adventure.

and without further a due here is the link…

Hope you all like the Digital Age of Evil Robo.

and in advance, Thank you:)


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What up for the art board!!!!

Journal Entry: Tue Aug 16, 2011, 12:55 PM

Closed my Etsy store........(waste of money, you have to spend to much time on the site for anything to happen....garbage)

Getting ready for school for this year!

Car runs great, and I'm working my ass off, on to many projects!

(1) CD cover for Alien Jane - Local Band.
(2) Finishing up Tucson Comic Con for this year, closing the book on the artwork for year four. (Thanks to Taylor, Sasa, and Zip)
(3) Getting some Commission work out of the way.
(4) The Bald Avenger- Bulletproof Corset part four is in process! Just finished up a few of the thumbnails.
(5) Back to school!!!!! next week. So, I'll have a bunch of new artwork up for all you folks :)
(6) - All the Evil Robo books, and Graphic Novels will be up there very soon for Digital Downloads.....and way cheaper then the printed copies!!!!

Til next time......

TCC4 Round Logo by TaylorGarrity

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Etsy Store!!! and an event!

Journal Entry: Thu Jul 28, 2011, 5:43 PM

I've now opened a store on…

I'll have prints, and Artwork available for sale. So, if you want something hit me up, and I see what I can do. Buy, Buy, Buy....and I'll Sell, Sell, Sell!

This Weds., I'll be over at Heroes and Villians drawing for the release of… so if your in town drop by, and say hello.

Til all are one.....


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Devious Journal Entry

Journal Entry: Sun Jul 24, 2011, 7:29 PM

Let's see here....what been up with me.

1. Car Crash - I'm Fine!! - couldn't make it to San D CC this year cause I had to buy a new
2. Ash-Tray comics will be up on very shortly , so everybody can download them.
3. Ash-Tray comics goes to full color with issue ten....:)
4. Tucson Comic Con artwork is done on my end, and it wrapping up.
5. Working on THE BALD AVENGER - THE BULLET PROOF CORSET PART going to be super crazy.
6. Getting ready for School for this year... :)
7. Doing signings around the AZ area when they pop-up.

and fending off the chicks.

(some are pretty crazy, others are really

Well I'll be back with more soon:)


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ATC #9 is out/Cap release!

Journal Entry: Thu Jun 2, 2011, 4:22 PM

Hello Everybody,

Yesterday I made my way to all the comic shops in Tucson to drop off ASH-TRAY COMICS#9. They where excited to get copy's for there stores....that makes this all worth while for me:) So, If your in Tucson drop by Charlie's Comic Books, Fantasy Comics, Heroes and Villains, or R- Galaxy to get your copy while supplies last:)  

The Phoenix Comic Con was by far one of my all time fav. shows. Thanks goes out to all the folks that dropped by and picked up EVIL ROBO PRESENTS(-1), ASH-TRAY COMICS#9  and all the other stuff we had to offer.

Now that school is done, and I'm getting all my paperwork done for next year, I have the time to have a mini vacation.

Okay, That was fun.

I begin work on my Tucson Comic Con poster in the following week, and then the round logo with my fellow creator of EVIL ROBO PRODUCTION.

In other news I'll be at Heroes and Villians on Wednesday, July 13 · 4pm - 7:00pm drawin up some Captain America for folks that drop in.

here is all the info:

Captain America gets an all new #1 issue, just in time for his silver screen debut--and we're celebrating by bringing in a veritable army of artists to do FREE SKETCHES for anyone who picks one up!

Jenn Corella (The Lone Survivor)- 10am 'til Noon
Ken Wright (Street Fighter, Zombies vs. Cheerleaders) - Noon 'til 2pm
Jason Pedersen (tattoo artist, Oil Painter for Crossgen) - 2pm 'til 4pm
Eric Schock (The Bald Avenger, Evil Robo Presents) - 4pm 'til 6pm
Andy Bohn (The Elvatron Chronicles) - 4pm 'til 6pm
Ernest Romero (Breed, Girl Scouts In Space) -5pm 'til 7pm

So, be there and support.......America?

or Better yet, support those hard working artists....that's better.

That's it for now folks:)

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PHX CC 2011

Journal Entry: Wed May 25, 2011, 5:06 AM

Phx Comic Con - 2011

Evil Robo Productions will be in attendance.

May 26-29th 2011, at the Phoenix Convention Center and Hyatt Regency.
10am-7pm. Sunday 10am-5pm.

Come by our tables and meet my fellow Robo's - Zip, Johnny, Henry, Tino, Kyle and Arnie.

Our tables are (Johnny) 655,(Zip) 651,(Henry) 649,(me) 653 :)
I'll be doing a panel on Sunday, May. 29th from 3-4pm. It's call "The Creators guide to self-publishing."


We will have prints available for $5 for color, and $2 for black/white.

Evil Robo will be doing "FREE" SKETCHES for the entire event. (one per person please)

For more info [link]

Hope to see you all there

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Charlies FCBD / Phoenix Comic Con - Comics!

Journal Entry: Tue Apr 19, 2011, 10:27 AM

Hey Everyone,

Been a little while since I wrote one of these journals.

Lots of stuff is going on, and I wanted to throw it all out to you.

Mature Content

Ash-Tray Comics Issue 9 Cover by SasaBralic

First off. Ash-Tray Comics#9 will be out on May 26th with it premiering @ THE PHOENIX COMIC CON

:#1: We are very honored to be invited to this event and a big thanks goes out to Jesse James Criscione of… for giving us tables at the event:):thumbsup:

Here is my profile -…;

:iconblameless2008:…, :icontattoos-by-zip:, Johnny , Arnie, :iconwarnoon:, and Kyle Stephens will be attending.  

Evil Robo Presents #1 is underway, and :iconblameless2008: and Johnny have a hill to climb, but the terrain is getting much easier to walk, and I can't wait to see what those two will bring to the ERP Table. Speaking of which they are putting out a Con Exclusive ERPresents for PCC, I'm sure it will be sweet.

Black Terror Cover by EricSchock
Evil Robo Presents: The Golden Age - The Black Terror, and The Owl will also be debuting at the Phoenix Comic Con. So grab your copy while supplies last :)

The Black Terror -
Written by Eric M. Esquivel
Penciled by Me
Inked by :iconafost:
Letters by :iconblameless2008:

The Owl
Written by Eric M. Esquivel & Myself
Artwork, and Letters by me.

I think I'm losing my mind by EricSchock
Charlie's Comics: FCBD will be happening on May 7th, 2011. For this year we are doing something a little different. :iconwarnoon: will be working on the entire Free Comic Book Day ASH-TRAY COMICS ashcan. It's suited up to be a great yarn, and I'm super proud of Tino, and all the work that he's doing (or will be doing this year). He is working on not only the ash-can for Charlie's, but is also coloring all the Golden Age stories, and starting work on Evil Robo Presents #2 with his own feature that will premier in that issue.

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